Fundraising is an integral component of any non-profit organization. Ferrone & Associates will assist with fundraising efforts as they relate to the organization’s mission. We believe that the most effective and successful fundraising activities are driven by an organization’s mission, vision and programming. Whether it is establishing an annual operating fund, seeking resources for special projects/initiatives or securing long-term funding, we work with organizations to achieve results.


Successful programming fulfills the organization’s mission and vision, engages and serves the organization’s constituents and is financially sustainable.  We work with organizations to clarify programming focus, research artists and attractions, identify financial resources, develop budgets and create a unqiue programming identity.

Board Development
As with any nonprofit organization, an effective Board of Directors is critical. Ferrone & Associates can assist with developing a Board of Directors that will give the organization the leadership, resources (financial and human) and governance it needs to fulfill its mission.

Financial Reporting
Ferrone & Associates can provide preparation and guidance in developing detailed operating budgets, financial projections and financial statements necessary to govern and manage the organization. Our approach is to identify program costs and expenses as well as variable and fixed costs, so that management and the board of directors can make highly informed decisions.

Strategic Planning
The key to the success of any organization is a clear, concise and well-articulated organizational mission statement that drives the activities of the organization, both internally and externally. Complimenting this is a vision statement that vividly describes the fulfillment of the organization’s mission. We provide a process to help an organization define its mission and vision, analyze current situations, reach consensus on priorities and establish goals and objectives.  We then monitor implementation and review and evaluate results. With each phase of the process clearly understood, they function as catalysts to inspire and motivate people to action.